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Help the Cincinnati Senior Connection Foundation become the “GO TO” resource for timely, accurate, unbiased information for seniors and their families.

Every day more than 11,000 seniors turn age 65. Seniors are living much longer and we all seek to enjoy a healthy, happy and hopeful retirement.

Cincinnati Senior Connection Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation, created by a trusted network of experienced professionals. Our goal is to provide a broad educational curriculum to inform and educate seniors and their families on issues related to aging.

Your financial support helps us expand and improve our educational offerings. There are several ways to show your support. Your donation will:

Support development of new educational materials
Help us get the word out to seniors and their families about the curriculum offered by the Foundation
Support our outreach efforts to seniors in the Greater Cincinnati area
We hope that you will consider supporting CSCF with a tax deductible donation to help our nonprofit organization deliver to your family and your organization the most tangible benefits and valuable educational content.

Working together we will enhance and strengthen our community, and give each senior the respect and dignity that they deserve.
For additional information on how you can help, please contact us.

***CSCF funds are used to inform, educate and empower seniors.***