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The Drop In Chef
Patrick Gainer
CEO/Executive Chef

About Patrick

The Drop In Chef is a personal chef service designed to help people stay in their homes who can no longer cook for themselves. We offer a fully customizable menu either cooked in your kitchen or delivered fresh by a professional chef. We handle any dietary restrictions including gluten free and medication interactions. Delicious, easy affordable meal plans available with no contracts and a social experience with a trained and friendly chef.

Speaking Topics:

Easing into Dietary Restrictions
Human tastes can be trained to appreciate healthier meals over a period of 4-8 weeks. An abrupt diet change can disrupt the healing process while creating unhappiness in the number of changes already taking place in someone’s life. Learn how subtle and progressive adjustments in diet over a relatively short period of time can ease the transition.

Speaking Topics:

Current Trends in Senior Nutrition From a Chef’s Point of View
Learn to balance the desires of nutritionists and medical staff with the very human desire for delicious food. All of the healthy food in the world will not help someone who is unable or unwilling to eat it. Have access to a chef’s professional opinion of cooking for the dual purpose of keeping you healthy and making sure you don’t lose you love of and appetite for one of life’s great pleasures and necessities.


9842 Columbia Road
Loveland, OH 45140




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