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Mobility Works
David P. Schutte
Certified Mobility Consultant

About David

As a Mobility Consultant, I have been working with Senior’s and people with varying disabilities since 1971, I now specifically work with people to identify and provide mobility solutions and opportunities to overcome the barriers that may keep them from getting out of their homes and into the community. “We’re here to get you there”.

MobilityWorks is a national chain of wheelchair accessible van providers – serving the disabled community with wheelchair accessible minivans, full-size vans with lifts and commercial fleet vehicles. Thousands of individuals and business clients each year are impacted by the products and services we provide.

I have been involved with many organizations, as a volunteer up to Executive Director position, I believe that staying involved with our community helps me better understand your specific needs.

Speaking Topics:

How to Make Your World Accessible
When houses and automobiles were invented they were invented for abled bodied people with no disabilities, as disability awareness becomes more prevalent the need to adjust our homes and automobiles become more in need. This discussion will try to answer questions as to what all is involved and the requirements that our governing agencies regulate.

Speaking Topics:

Why Choosing Your Wheelchair is Important To Travel
Do you or a friend require a wheelchair or mobility device, for short or long distance use? We will give you some questions to ask that will help you get the wheelchair or mobility device to the destination of your choice, whether that be a short distance or a trip across the country. Keeping in mind the importance of safety for both the user and the caregiver if there is one.

Speaking Topics:

5 Hi-Tech Gadgets That Make Your Home More Accessible.
When we were young, we watched George Jetson talk to his watch to turn on his TV and ask a robot to heat up his leftovers. We all thought, or at least hoped, that one day we would see this type of technology in our homes. Well, that day is here!

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