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The Cincinnati Senior Connection Foundation exists to provide education and information primarily, but not exclusively, to senior citizens and their families in dealing with both financial and independent living issues.

We are also a clearinghouse of experts able to facilitate in many aspects of the senior life experience.


We want to empower seniors to celebrate and enjoy “the rest of their lives as the best of their lives” by providing them with counsel, assistance, affirmation, encouragement and support.


We began in 2006 as a small networking group of ethical, caring and experienced local professionals known as Senior Resource Alliance of Greater Cincinnati. As the group grew and evolved, the name was changed to Cincinnati Senior Connection and our mission became clear. We observed that older adults increasingly seek access to current information and guidance from reliable sources to ease their life transitions. Our group was uniquely positioned to responsibly address this community need.

Our members have provided hundreds of educational presentations on topics relevant to older adults and their family members. Venues have included the University of Cincinnati (OLLI Program), Miami University (Institute for Learning in Retirement), service organizations, and senior and community centers. Feedback from attendees of our classes has been overwhelmingly positive.

The IRS granted 501(c)(3) status to the Cincinnati Senior Connection Foundation on June 10, 2015.



Jim Downing 2006 to 2011
Larry Bresko 2012 to 2014
Pete McCreary 2015
Kristine Woodworth 2016
Gary Hagan 2017-2022
Olivia K. Smith 2023-Present